Stress Reducing Breathing Exercises

With proper breathing, many physical and mental problems can be cured, from sleep patterns to weight control, from calming the mind to reducing stress. Breathing is a cycle that helps balance the functioning of all systems in the body beyond survival. With each inhalation, you incorporate life energy into the body, and with each exhale, you also relieve negative energies and emotions along with carbon dioxide.

What Do Breathing Exercises Do?

Correct breathing is deep breathing; this is accomplished using the diaphragm muscle. When breathing properly, many physical and mental improvements are experienced in the body. When breathing properly:

* Reduces stress and anxiety

* Sleep is regulated

* It is easier to burn the edible foods and weight control is provided.

* Intestines work better

*Skin aging slows down

* Less likely to become depressed

* Increases physical and mental energy levels

* Muscles relax

* Focus and attention problems disappear

* Thought power rises, mind flow calms down

* Relieves the expectant mother in pregnant women, supports the development of the baby

*Balances blood pressure and digestive system

* Increases the release of serotonin hormone and gives happiness

Relax with Alternate Breathing Exercise

Sometimes things get complicated in life, the physical and mental balance is broken. At such times, it is possible to restore balance with breathing exercises.

With alternating breathing exercise, it is possible to get rid of the negative energy in your body and restore the balance. You can create a quality sleep pattern with breathing exercises, especially before going to sleep.

Let's see how to do the alternating breathing exercise...

*Sit up straight

*Place your right index and middle fingers on your forehead

* Inhale, close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand and exhale through your left nostril.

*This time place the index and middle finger of your left hand on your forehead

*Close your left nostril with your left thumb

* Take a deep breath in through your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril.

*When you repeat this cycle 9-10 times, you will feel calm and calm.

With the help of this exercise called alternating breathing exercise, both lobes of your brain will work effectively and you will feel calm by getting away from stress.