What are the Benefits of Spas?

Hot springs, also known as hot springs among the people, are centers not only for washing and purification, but also for healing. The calming effect of hot water, when combined with the healing components of the minerals contained in the hot spring water, creates a relaxing effect for both the body and the soul. The tourism-invigorating aspect of the thermal springs, which are known to be good for some physical and mental disorders, cannot be ignored. Cures made with thermal waters, mineral-containing waters, gases and mud relax the body and psychologically relax the person. When the areas where the hot spring was located were closed and turned into a facility, it was called "closed hot spring" and this pattern turned into the word "spa" over time.

The value and importance of hot springs have been known since ancient times. The baths, known as therme in ancient Greece and Rome, were among the most important structures of their time.

The healing power of the waters containing special minerals makes the area where the hot spring is located a center of attraction.

The most preferred types of spas are thermal and steam spas. Spas with drinking cures are preferred as a supplement in the treatment of many diseases, especially asthma.

Here are the Benefits of Spas…

Spas increase the body's resistance, help prevent permanent damage and support medical treatment. Spas mostly;

*Inflammatory rheumatism


* Problems in the waist and neck area

*Orthopedic problems

* Post-operative health problems

*Sports injuries

*Muscle-related diseases

* It is applied to eliminate health problems such as neurological problems.

In addition, hot spring waters come to the fore with their skin-tightening, immune-enhancing, digestive system-regulating, stress and anxiety-relieving properties.

Which Hot Spring Waters Are Good For Which Ailments?

Mud Spas

Mud spas, which are more effective in solving sports injuries and cramps, are also preferred as a support for the medical treatment process of joint rheumatism.

steam spas

It is applied as a supportive treatment for skin diseases such as hives, eczema, psoriasis and vascular occlusions.

thermal spas

Thermal spas are effective as a supplement in the treatment of respiratory diseases and arthritis.