İpeksoy Thermal


Spa centers, which contain the healing and positive energy of water, promise their guests happy times free from all negative energies with these features. In İpeksoy Thermal Hotel Spa Center, you can spend peaceful hours, physically and mentally purified, with the professional massage techniques of expert therapists and the program enriched with massage packages offered not only to hotel customers but also to guests from outside.


Scrub and foam massage, face mask and peeling, ear care, salt room therapy, foot detox, mud therapy, leech session, doctor fish session, coffee peeling, gold face mask, clay mask, aroma therapy massages, Swedish massage, Singapore massage, It is possible to rejuvenate you from head to toe with Balinese massage, Thai massage and many other massage and purification methods. Offering family and friends package, Gold package, massage packages, special family bath and advantageous spa usage packages and qualified massage and therapy suitable for every budget, İpeksoy Hotel Spa center is at your service with its expert staff to make you feel fresh and serene as if you were a newborn.